Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Traveling Sketchbook: 2

Wellety, wellety...

A few weeks ago I kissed my book goodbye and sent it off to see the world!
Since there are lots of people who won't be able to see in on tour, I thought I'd share some "wee moments" from the sketchbook I submitted
to Art House Co-op's sketchbook project! For the project I took apart the book and made it into a concertina format so it opens up into one giant long image. I really like those for some reason :P I filled it up with lots of sketches, and it became a bit of a stream of consciousness for all my thoughts on home and what it means :P The back side is a suuuuper neon green with bits of text that kept popping up in my mind :P
It was a barrel of monkey's fun and I got to try lots of new techniques and transfers that I don't normally use for sketchbooks!

Now, the scans came out a bit green, but no worries!
The full book will be digitized and online
through the sketchbook project site in the next few weeks! In the meantime, the tour has officially kicked off this past week in Brooklyn! Check out the dates and locations
to see if its swinging by a city near you and if so - go take a peak! If anyone gets a photo with my book, I'd love to see it!!!

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