Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Travelling Sketchbook!

Ohhh-Kay!!! There is some seriously overdue blogging to be done here!!

So to kick it off, some of you may have noticed the link off to the right for the Sketchbook Project :P I signed up for this project as a sweet way to self motivate (and get a rockin' shirt :P ) waaaay back in September/ October and now my book is filled and gone! Just like that :P

The project was tons of fun - with lots of experimentation! (Really the best part of keeping a sketchbook :P)
It will be travelling around the US and finding an eventual home in the Brooklyn Art Library. The happiest surprise was looking at the tour locations and realizing that there are people I know in a few of them that I can wrangle into checking it out! Fuuuuuuun!!!!

I'm super excited to post the photos of the book as soon as their done being edited! And check out the link to find out more about the project and other fun things in the works by ArtHouse Co-Op!!!


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