Monday, January 18, 2010

Love is in the Air

And the invitations are done! Here is the sneak preview of the recently completed wedding invitations I made for a wonderful couple I know! The process was full of unexpected challenges, fun discoveries and ultimately ridiculously fulfilling :D

Both the bride and groom to be love to travel, and are using destinations as table indicators instead of numbers, which suits them to a tee - and inspired me to use vintage city maps as the decorative element to their invites - add some bold, youthful fonts and a healthy dose of thematic green; and voila! A funky fold-out invite held together with a dramatic (and informative!) sleeve.

And after all is said and done... 110 invitations, hand cut and assembled in stacks of 10 :)I'm looking forward to posting this on my website in the upcoming updates!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And then there was packaging...

So in the spirit of the season, I had a rush of fun jobs just in time for Christmas - thank goodness I had ordered some boxes just for the hell of it! Of course they came in late, and of course they were the wrong colour, but a mild hiccup of panic I decided to run with it and use what i had for now :P

I am still nerdily thrilled that I even have boxes, so you can only imagine how pumped I am to get the proper ones and.... maybe a custom stamp???? oh, the possibilities!