Friday, October 29, 2010

New illustrated MAGNETS! For the CFCR Craftacular, Oct 29th and 30th!!!

This evening and tomorrow CFCR is hosting their first "Craftacular" at the Grace Westminister United Church, in the basement. Its at 505 10th St, so come on by and check it out!!! It promises to have lots of great local vendors, and I am sharing a table with fellow local illustrator, Amy Cheng!

So in preparation for this, earlier this week I decided to try my hand at casting resin to make some magnet sets. I've always wanted to make magnets, but something sturdier then the flat type. Word of advice: the fumes are REALLY awful. I would even say dangerously so in a small apartment, that first day, I had to take a loooong walk and leave all the windows open. :P

But! The results were worth it! Suuuuper fun and I am so excited to make more! Unfortunately, I made a silly mistake with some glue and ruined about 50% of the batch last night. Of course. Right before their festival premier today. Ah well. You win some you loose some, and now I know what NOT to do on the next round! And I can't wait to try again!!

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